About CAD Content

Welcome to cadcontent on-line resources by CAD Content (NZ) Ltd.
This site is specifically intended to support New Zealand Autodesk building design software users of AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit (Architecture, Structure & MEP) and 3ds Max.

We focus on, 'local content' for New Zealand building industry designers using Autodesk software; Families for Revit, Blocks for AutoCAD, Materials for 3ds Max and even some Styles for AutoCAD Architecture. All the content you need that does not come OOTB!

Why Waste Design Time?
We hope you will quickly and easily find what you are looking for, from thousands of free or really affordable items in our extensive content libraries, created for real projects during 28+ years of professional practice. On this site we let you browse to find before purchase.
If not then just make a request and we will provide it and add it to our treasure.
We would also appreciate your feedback so we can progressively make this site better.

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If you are proud of your work, you can submit content and earn buy points.
Submitted content is quality checked before being added to our pool for others. More...

For Revit users we also have pages for news articles, Best Practice work method procedures for BIM, commentaries, answers to FAQs, step by step How To's, Tips & Tricks and other What's New blog like things. Thus we intend it to be a real cynosure of a site.