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Contributing authors on this site, are experienced, Autodesk Accredited staff members of an authorized NZ Autodesk A/E/C Gold Partner Reseller.
Working with CAD since the early 1980's, they have some 12 years of Revit and
30 years of AutoCAD experience in both customer support, training and content development.

Rich Sales


B.Arch (Hons).

May 2014

Author of articles in revitcynosure since it's inception in March 2011.
As a Registered Architect Rich used Revit to design commissioned works for 12 years.
He was Director of Salesoft CAD Solutions for 25 years.
Now a retired Architect in Voluntary Suspension, Rich works as a Senior Support Consultant focused on Revit and BIM Implementation.


his first animated 3D model!

His CV
Rich Sales, the Director of CAD Content (NZ) Ltd, emmigrated from Britain in 1954 and went to school in Wanganui. He graduated from Wanganui High School and went on to attend Auckland University, School of Architecture. After obtaining his degree in 1970, he joined Ray Woolford Architects before going into private practice as Rich Sales Architects in 1976.

Rich soon won awards for Commercial Architecture - Carter Holt Pavilion, Auckland Showgrounds and for Residential - Sainsbury Retreat, Hatfields Beach.

It was soon after, in 1978, that he started investing in computers for word processing and became 'known' as a computer guru. Rich started to explore and advocate early adoption of CAD by 1984. Rich could see that CAD was the way to go and switched his architectural business into a Computer Design Consultant business and formally set up Salesoft CAD Solutions in 1988.

Although Rich has continued with limited architectural commissions, he has stayed true to his CAD roots and specialised in advising, training and assisting design practices throughout New Zealand with implementating CAD and developing Best Practice CAD methods and procedures.

Rich has worked together with Autodesk for many years in developing CAD standards. He has also developed and marketed one of the worlds first Architectural Applications for AutoCAD, AUTOAIDs, and ADT Pacifica. In 2004 he was contracted by Autodesk as a specialist to develop content for their recent purchase of Revit. He now manages and develops a greatly expanded library of Revit local content more...      Visit the NZ RVT Pacifica library.