Buy Points System

We offer a trade - swap system whereby your donated content will win you future buy points.
This offer currently only applies to Revit content.

Give 1 - Get 1 FREE !

If accepted, we will assess your donation and notify you of how many buy points it is worth.
For quality work you can expect a one for one $dollar value compared to a similar content item in our libraries.
For lesser work we will assess a cedit value based on how much time and effort it will take to prepare a quality version ready to add into our libraries.
We do not have to pay out your credit. It only has value if and when you buy another library item at another date.

We reserved the right to quality check and where necessary or appropriate, make modifications to your donated content, so it is consistent with our CAD Standards and naming conventions.
We also reserve the right to decide where to place it in our catalogue system.
Where possible we will include an acknowledgement of your name within the item as the original author/donor.