User Purchase Process & Downloads Explained

When you purchase content from this website, most items will be from a Library such as the RVT Pacifica Library.
Each item has an Add to Cart icon that you click to send it to the shopping cart.
Once you have selected your required items, click the View Cart button on the Library page at the top right.

Browse the Shopping Cart Summary to check your selection and then
click the Proceed to Checkout button.

Fill in the Required Order Information details in the Checkout Info page and click the Submit Order button.

Read the Web Site Order page instructions carefully then click the Make Payment button.

The Paypal Order Summary page will be displayed. Check the Item total amount.

If you have a PayPal account enter your PayPal password and click Log In.

Or click the Pay with my credit or debit card option.

Enter your payment details and click the Return to CAD Content (NZ) Ltd link on the Thanks for your order PayPal page.

Once payment has been successfully processed...
Click the CAD Content Download Now button in the popup message.

We do not send your purchase files as an automatic email attachment,
because the zip file size may exceed your email capacity.

Depending on your operating system and Internet Explorer version, you can click [Save] to save your purchases into your Download folder or select a folder of your choice.

Once the ZIP file has been saved into your Download folder, you can right mouse click on it and use Open With... WinZip Executable (or a similar application) and extract it into a folder of your choice.

Make sure you check the Use folder names option. We recommend using the folder C:\ProgramData\Cadcontent.

The files in the zip will be extracted to the same folder path(s) used in the website Library.
For Example...

Materials Purchase Downloads

When purchasing RVT Pacifica Materials, you will find there are ZIP files inside the main Download zip file.
This is because Materials require many resource files for any one material. You will also need to unzip/extract these individual material zip files as well. Each material zip will contain a .ADSKLIB (material library definition file), one or more .JPG (material appearance images), a .PAT (material graphical fill pattern file to import in Additional Settings).

If you have any difficulties or failures when downloading files contact us.


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