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April 07 2011
Category: Documentation, Families  Author: Rich

We provide a Revit Family Library (named RVT Pacifica) of 4,000+ items for NZ Revit Users.
There are many sites which offer Revit 3D Component families, but we also provide 2D Detail Components, Annotation, Fill Patterns and completed Details to encourage using Revit for 2D Documentation. New details for typical NZ construction are posted at regular intervals based on NZ Code changes and user requests.

Why Purchase RVT Pacifica

  • All items are suitable for NZ Construction, Design & Documentation.
  • We provide both typical NZ Manufacturer's items and Generic indicative families.
  • Superior quality with Category, Sub-Category, Level of Detail and Lineweight control.
  • Fully supported by prompt replies to email or phone queries during your edit session.
  • The Component families are compatible with at least 3 versions back of Revit from current.
  • The Materials are compatible with Revit 2013 format or greater.
  • We provide a range of Purchase Plans, from one off's to whole Category downloads.
  • They are very cost effective and allow you to focus your time on project design.
  • PLUS you can use them as 'good' examples whilst learning to expand your own library.

All of the RVT Pacifica content is broadly categoried in accordance with the NZ Masterspec
CBI Work Group sections, but in places slightly modified to suit CAD modeling. View Matrix.
CAD Content (NZ) Ltd is a CIL accredited user of the CBI system.
We recommend you save them to our recommended folder structure.

Learn our RVT Pacifica family File Naming Convention....

Request a Family
If you do not find a Family you require, please place a request. We have many more in our archives that have not yet been published. If not, then we offer you a quote to create for a nominal value, on the basis that the new parts will be added to the library.

Send Feedback
If you have a comment or find an error - please send us your feedback.
We aim to please and make the library 'Simply the Best'.

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