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BIM Concept Concept

Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

BIM According to Autodesk

July 2014

The Autodesk definition of What is BIM ?  Building Information Modeling.

BIM Autodesk Definition

Autodesk Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP are the Autodesk flagship products for the implementation of BIM. The Revit Platform has been developed for multi-discipline design and documentation since 2002. The intent is to provide software tools that create a common digital virtual model of a project.

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Basic BIM Terminology

August 2011

Building Information Modeling was coined in early 2002 by industry analyst Jerry Laiserin to describe virtual design, construction, and facilities management. BIM processes revolve around virtual models that make it possible to share information throughout the entire building industry. These virtual models are embedded with data which, when shared among design team members, greatly reduces errors and makes the process of designing, constructing and operating buildings more efficient.

Chuck Eastman at GeorgiaTech defined it ―using computers instead of drawings for design—1975, (Chuck Eastman is considered father of BIM).

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BIM Standards Standards

Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

NBS National BIM Library

October 2014


NBS-UK Standards

Although UK based, this site has published a comprehensive Object Standard and has some interesting content that is applicable to NZ Construction. Note the Family naming convention promoted is not in accordance with the recommended RVT Pacifica Family File naming convention.

As their intro says... "The NBS National BIM Library website has been refreshed following detailed consultation with specifiers and designers. We’ve introduced a new and powerful search tool together with intelligent product filters, designed to help you filter objects by platform and quickly find the exact BIM content you need."

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Draft NZ BIM Handbook

May 2014


NZ BIM Handbook

The Draft New Zealand BIM Handbook is out waiting for industry comment. Similar to the Australian NATSPEC document, it is focused on acclerating the use of BIM in the NZ construction arena. It is being seen as a step-change in productivity in the building industry. The document has been collated by the Productivity Partnership group.

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NBIMS-US Standards

August 2012


NBIMS-US Standards

The National BIM Standard-United States™ (NBIMS-US™) provides consensus based standards through referencing existing standards, documenting information exchanges and delivering best business practices for the entire built environment. With open BIM standards we can build detailed models then deliver accurate products that can be used during commissioning and operation to ensure facility functionality throughout the life of the facility and to deliver high performance, carbon neutral, and net zero energy based facilities.

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ANZRS Standards

June 2011>


ANZRS Standards

The first digital public release of the Australian & New Zealand Revit Standards focuses on Content Creation and Management – specifically, Revit families. The document pack is now available for download.

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NZ Standards

July 2011

BIM Standards NZ

BIM Procedures

With nearly 10 years of Revit presence in New Zealand, plus a large end user base and several regional User Groups; there is still no consensus of opinion as to what is a 'good' standard to be used for Revit BIM Design and Documentation.
One thing has been learn by many - the hard way - is that Revit models need to be built (assembled) in the same way buildings are really built out there in the real world!
No cutting corners or fudging it!
As a result of supporting many companies in NZ and training hundreds of users, we have documented some of the more obvious Revit Best Practice Procedures.

UK Standards

December 2011

BIM Standards UK

UK construction is similar to NZ. Read what's been happening about Revit standards on the other side of our world.

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Visualization Visualization

Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

Construction Sequencing

August 2011

Project Simulation

Construction Simulation

Using 3D CAD and Visualization software, provides a whole
new way to convey to business partners and construction crews, how a project will be built.

Click here to view a 10min animation of how BIM can convey the design and construction intent of a project.

The video is of the LeadenHall building in the UK but a New Zealand firm was involved in this '4D' modeling represention.

Thanks to one of our readers (Robin) for forwarding this link.

Collaboration Collaboration

Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

RTC 2013 Conference

May 2013

RTC Conference

Conference Awards

The RTC 2013 Conference held in Auckland New Zealand, was a resounding success.
The speakers from various parts of the world were excellent and many Labs were completely booked out. Topics ranged from case study successes to working with Adaptive Elements to create multi-pivoted Revit families.
The Rotating Elements by Points by Alfredo was so popular he had to give a repeat session on the third day.
Intensive social networking by the 300 plus attendees was engaging during breaks and at evening events (See image).

Autodesk Revit Model Review

July 2012

Model Manager


Subscription users of the Autodesk Building Design Suite 2013 Premium edition or Ultimate edition, or AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite, can download Autodesk Revit Model Review from the Subscription Center.

This plug-in tool allows you to automate the process of reviewing and auditing building information modeling (BIM) projects in Autodesk® Revit® models. Use it to...

  • Check the accuracy and consistency of a Project or Family against standards set by your firm, your clients, or industry best practices
  • Correct inconsistencies with a single click or with instructions provided when manual fixes are required.

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Family Issues Family Issues

Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

Shared Parameters

July 2011

Parameter GUIDs

Unique GUIDs

Creating BIM based models assumes that the digital model will be created partly by others or issued to others. The intent is that others can extract and share information placed in the model by others.

In Revit the most common way to extract information from elements in a model, is to use a Schedule.

The fields used in Schedules can reference the default parameter names provided in Revit OOTB, and other parameter names created by users. The later are known as Shared Parameters.

An extraction difficulty arrises when the Name in the Schedule looks the same as the Element parameter name but is not assigned to the same unique GUID reference. Hence Projects and their embedded Elements and Schedules need to use common GUID references.

The ANZRS Standards v3 has issued sample Shared Parameter files so that people can base their Models and Family definitions on common unique GUIDs.

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