March 27 2011

Co-ordinated Building Index (CBI)

The classification and coding system for the New Zealand construction industry.

CBI classification is a numeric based system, owned by Construction Information Limited (CIL).
As a consistent fixed numbering system, it is used for collating and referencing technical clauses in their Building Contract Specification system named Masterspec.


The Masterspec subscription service is used by over 1,000 NZ building design consultant offices. We have therefore adopted it for cataloging and file naming of our revitcynosure resources. We recommend you adopt a similar system for your private computer filing use.
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Current Index :

CBI is regularily updated by CIL to meet everyday building materials and construction practices. Click here to download the latest CBI 2011 Level 4 listing [111kb PDF].

Click here to our 2011 CBI Matrix A3 wall chart [163kb PDF].

Contact us re how to use the CBI CHM version as a handy reference on your desktop.



We wish to thank the CIL Trust Board for giving CAD Content (NZ) Ltd approval to be a commercial licensee user of CBI. We recognize that Construction Information Limited (CIL) holds the copyright to all forms of the CBI documents and programmes.