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Last updated: May 2014
Category: Documentation, Families  Author: Rich

Welcome to our revitcynosure Revit Details Library. There are many sites which offer Revit 3D Component families, (we do that too), but this site is designed to encourage using Revit for 2D Documentation. New details for typical NZ construction are posted at regular intervals to attract users back to our site. You can also request a detail.

The details are Revit Drafting Views saved as . RVT download files. They are compatible with the current Revit version and up to 3 versions back. Most are Release 2010 or greater. They are all created from native Revit linework and other annotation elements.
They have no imported CAD content such as DWG files included.
By downloading these details (even if you don't actually use them) you will effectively be expanding your library of Revit 2D Detail Component families, Filled Regions and Line Styles.


The details are categoried in accordance with the NZ Masterspec CBI Work Group sections, but in places slightly modified to suit CAD Modeling. CAD Content (NZ) Ltd is a CIL accredited user of the CBI system. We recommend you save them to our recommended folder structure.

Request a Detail
If you do not find a detail you require, please place a request. We have many more in our archives that have not yet been published.

Donate a Detail
Proud of your Revit details, then please feel free to donate them for others to learn from.
We will review your submitted file and reserve the right to modify before adding to the pool for publishing to others. Terms: We do not guarantee to accept or publish your detail. We do not pay for submitted details and all details may be offered FREE for promotional purposes.
We will notify you of the number of buy points that you will gain from the donated content.

Send Feedback
If you have a comment or find an error - please send us your feedback.
We aim to please and make the library 'Simply the Best'.

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