Family Making Guidelines

CAD Content (NZ) Ltd has for nearly 10 years, created Revit content for our customer use and for manufacturers on a commissioned basis. Below we list some Best Practice Guidelines.

Family Essentials


2D Content

3D Content

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The Autodesk site dedicated to Family components created by or for USA Manufacturers. Users can also contibute to this pooling service. Access is off the Help menu whilst the Revit applications are running. HelpMenu Additional Resources > Revit Web Content Library...
[V] Click here to read about the Autodesk Seek product model contribution style guides.

ANZRS Standards



We take no responsibility for the usability of any content that you may create based on our guidelines or from information found in links given on our site.

Should you have issues with creating your content, email one of our Authors and we will endevour to help.